How do you hold him down?

Date Nights? Great communicator? Good listener? I could go on....Being a Wife, Sister, Mom, Aunt comes with a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders. But for now I'll stick to Wifely duties.... When you're unwell, you don't get a chance to actually nurse yourself, or even cuddle under the duvet and just you know? be unwell.. You know why?! Because we have to still look after our men and little ones.

Ever find yourself a little unwell and have things to do round the house? Cook, Clean, laundry, Change diapers etc....But if like me you like to do everything yourself, simply because you're of the mindset that ''if you want something done properly, do it yourself'' Well, yeah..that's me. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help, and taking your hands off, cuddle up under the duvet and nurse that flu or whatever illness you might be battling, and let our husbands hold the forth

So, back to holding him down..Aside from doing the physical aspect of our marriages as listed above and more, You Pray, you'll be amazed at what praying for your significant other can do.

Pray for his:
Relationship with God/with you

For your prayer to be effective, we start by praying for change in yourself as his wife, for Grace, a clean and forgiving heart. Praying for God's will be done in your better half's life has to be the most gratifying and reawarding work as a wife.

I have read Stormie Omartian's- The Power of a Praying Wife twice, and i'm certain i will's really a great read. You can find her book(s) here

I guarantee you it will encourage you to trust God and his will for your husband.

Share/Comment/Subscribe and suggest books you believe help marriages..Happy reading my lovelies..


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