My First Year of Being a Wife

My hubby laughs at me every time we have this conversation, thought I'd share it with you, especially to the very newly wedded wives.

We both have always worked very hard, our daily grinde was second to none, so we get to meet most weekends. On the few occasions I spend the weekend at his. (Heads up- I am African, Nigerian to be precise- I can't speak for all, but where I'm from you do not live with a man, till he does the needful- put's a ring on it, meets the parents, and wedding) It was always nice to get away from the norm for two days, so come Sunday evening, I'm headed back to my Parent's, or I head to work on Monday morning, then back to my Parent's after work. 

After getting married, I moved into his house (where i now call home). It was exciting, I was buzzing from being newly wedded, making plans in my head to redecorate, not sharing my space with my baby sister..pheewww! and of course being adventrous in the kitchen, and you knowww??

Then came (the end) my first weekend, I mentally started to prep for my journey back to my Parent's. I put things in order round the house, cooked enough meals for the week, house tidy etc. On our way to church on Sunday, I said to hubby ''Honey, I'll be leaving about 7 so I can prep for work'' he dashed me a wicked smile with a gleam in his eyes.. ''why are you going to your parent's?'' he asked.. I frowned thinking- Is he serious? he knows i don't like silly rhetorical questions .. ''I've got to prepare for work'' I replied, still with a mischevious smile that he then turned into a roaring laugh... He lifted my left wrist so my wedding band could flash in my face..  Talk about embarrassing and creature of habit Lol, I had gotten so used to leaving his on sundays, I totally forgot I was taken for life, no more running back to Mom and Dad's house after a squabble.

A mate of mine once told me of his cousin, who got married. Like most couples you fight and make up, but not he's girlfriend at the time, she would pack her stuff and leave, till they make up and its all good again. Then they got married, had a always she packed up her things, headed for the door.. (Her hubby stood in the hall way with a ''wicked smile'') she stopped half way, having realised she had nowhere to go...she couldn't help but laugh at herself ..LOL 
I was yet to be married when i got told this story, so I laughed hard..who'd have thought less than a year down the line, I'd be in a similar boat?

There are definetly more first year experiences I will be sharing with you my lovelies,.. but I'd love to read your own first year marriage stories. Don't forget- Leave your comments below and share. Happy reading!


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