Wake up Momma!

Open your eyes mommy!

Okay…so my son some times co sleeps on our bed, and I’m always aware when ever he moves, or wakes up…, I pretend I’m  asleep, so he tries to wake me up…bless him 😇. First he kisses my nose, I don’t move, then my lips, I still don’t move, then he kisses my eyes(very sloppy), yet nothing, at this point he is getting fed up, and has a very questionable stern look…😅 then the painful part starts, I get a scratch on the face(no preference this time) I still don’t make a sound, finally he goes in for the kill… Hair yanking!!! Bulls eye! It hurts!! The rest they say is history. He finds it extremely funny, and giggles so hard he drops himself on the bed …lol, love it…makes the hair yanking all worth it.

During your pregnancy stages, they say sleep as much as you can when you feel tired, even if you’re not sleepy, just rest your head. Once your little one graces you with he’s/her presence, sleep becomes a luxury..
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