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He Proposed!, I'm getting Married..!!!

I guess he knew I was ''the one'' the minute we met. But how did we meet? Hmmmm.. Well my dears, let me tell you a story. It was:

June 22nd 2012, 1pm.
Location: My sister's house
Event: Nephew's 2nd Birthday

My sister and I were prepping for the arrival of guests, we were cooking, decorations, making gift bags, you know the lot. We looked a hot mess, tired, smelly, hot. So being the host, I asked her to have a quick shower, as guest were starting to arrive and I could finish up with the cleaning. I was just rounding up with the tidying up when the door bell rang, another guest obviously. I opened the door, and there he was... Tall, dark, clean shaved, smelled so good. And yours truly? Dirty, hot mess, hair wrapped in a scarf, food fume for perfume...Lol Oh! How embarrassing!! Before I go any further, my sister and her husband had been trying to play cupid between myself and this stranger at the door... He had seen pictures of me, but I had no idea what he look…


When I found out I was pregnant, I had a major mix of emotions. I was ecstatic, over the moon, I danced around so much in my head, but i was also scared, nervous, surprised to say the least. Remember my post on ''First year of being a wife''? It took me such a long time to come to the realisation, and acceptance that I was creating a new life inside little old me. Tons of questions plagued my mind; I'm I ready to be a Mom? will I make a great Mom? how will i deal with labour? I thought I knew all the answers to the questions before we conceived, but the minute it all sank in that I was really pregnant, I got flooded with questions in my head.

Just so I was fully convinced, I took five pregnancy test with Clearblue digital pregnancy test kit. At the time I thought i was going nuts taking numerous tests, pssssttt.. little secret- ''I enjoyed taking the tests&#…

First year of Marriage chronicles: Pick your Battles

I have been married to my Amazing hubby for two years plus now, and I can say for definite the beginning of our Marriage journey was no walk in the park. You know how everyone believes they have an opinion and tell you what to do, what not to do, how to handle your husband blah blah...Well I did get all that advice and more.

I remember my oldest sister saying to me a couple of weeks to my wedding ''You two will fight a day to your wedding, you'd want to rip his head off his neck, you will reach a point were you might not want the wedding to hold''  I looked at her in shock, like really though??! Lol. But she was right, because we did have a squabble a night to our wedding, and boy! was I exhausted and needed sleep so bad,? I was scared of morning eye bags, but i was also glad she told me ahead of time.

Ever heard the ''Honeymoon phase''? Well you either have it after your wedding ceremony, all rosy, lovey dovey period, or you get the ''Argg…

Let's get on the Potty Train Ride...Chuga Choo Choo!!

When is the best time to Potty train your little one? A friend asked me...and almost immediately I took a quick look at my son, (Almost like I forgot his age for a second) He is 18 and half months, and as his Momma, I believe he is ready. I mean the little man follows he's daddy to the toilet, and He finds the toilet fascinating- you can read ''Help, Toilet fingers'' on my Archive.

Personally, I believe when your little one begins showing signs, which really could kick off at anytime, as its a bit tricky to put a specific age on Potty Training...Some are early starters, others just take their time.., like ''Hey Momma?! I'm not in a rush, so chill''

They say there are a few tell tale signs to look out for according to Baby Center

Let him watch and learnTeach him to seat firstBuy the right equipment  Since my snookums started to show signs and a whole lot of interes…