He Proposed!, I'm getting Married..!!!

I guess he knew I was ''the one'' the minute we met. But how did we meet? Hmmmm.. Well my dears, let me tell you a story. It was:

June 22nd 2012, 1pm.
Location: My sister's house
Event: Nephew's 2nd Birthday

My sister and I were prepping for the arrival of guests, we were cooking, decorations, making gift bags, you know the lot. We looked a hot mess, tired, smelly, hot. So being the host, I asked her to have a quick shower, as guest were starting to arrive and I could finish up with the cleaning. I was just rounding up with the tidying up when the door bell rang, another guest obviously. I opened the door, and there he was... Tall, dark, clean shaved, smelled so good. And yours truly? Dirty, hot mess, hair wrapped in a scarf, food fume for perfume...Lol Oh! How embarrassing!! Before I go any further, my sister and her husband had been trying to play cupid between myself and this stranger at the door... He had seen pictures of me, but I had no idea what he looked like, so as you can imagine, he had an advantage..''rolls eyes''

He smiled sheepishly at me, we exchanged pleasantries, he told me his name, (it didn't ring a bell immediately) I invited him in and led him to the front room. I raced upstairs to my sister's room to inform her of the new guest that just arrived, she just had a shower. This was our conversation exchange:

Sister: Who was at the door?
Me: Oh you have a guest, I led him to the front room
Sister: Ok
Me: He said his name is John Doe (Not real name)
Sister: Oh!! great... wait, did you say John Doe?
Me: Yes, why?
Sister: And you answered the door?
Me: Yes, why?
Sister: Like this? ''giving me a look from head to toe''
Me: Yes!! Why???!!!
Sister: hahahahahahha...LOL'ed
Sister: You really answered the door still looking a mess? And you spoke to him?
Me: Yes..... Why? ooooooooohhhhhhhh!!! sugar!! No way!!! tell me its not him?!!
Sister: Still laughing annoyingly.
Sister: Yes!! that's him, the one my hubby and I want you to meet.

I needed the ground to open and swallow me quick....He's sheepish smile flashed through my mind... I was livid!!! Then I stopped being embarrassed... and said to my sister:

Me: Well If he's shallow minded, and is all about the physical appearance, then I wouldn't want to meet or be with someone like that. Because if we were to date or get married, he'll see me look a mess in the mornings, with smelly breath. So if he wants an artificial barbie... well good luck to him. I really did use that to console myself for this situation.

Sister: Hahahhaha,.. well that maybe true...but this has been the highlight of my day.

Anyway, the house party got into full swing, kids running round the house, good food, family, friends, great conversations. I was all showered, dressed, made up and definitely looking super good... :)  I could feel him looking every now and then, but my dear mother who didn't know anything about John Doe at the time had her own plans...trying to match make with a single guy at the party. I briefly spoke to him, but I knew there was nothing there. So moving on, there were at least a few guys who were interested in talking to me,.. I gave one my attention, because John Doe seemed a light year away, hanging with the guys. I noticed he kept stealing glances at me whilst by the stairs chatting to this fella who was very interested in me. It made me giggle inside knowing might be jealous...Lol We spoke briefly, I asked if he needed anything to eat, and if he did,...to ask.

Party over, my dear sister still giggling about my ordeal, and decided to give her husband the low down. Fast forward a few weeks later, and I get a phone call from my sister's brother in-law (By the way John Doe is good friends with my sister's husband and he's brother, they have a number of mutual family friends too) saying; Oh John Doe seems to like you and wants your details...he wasn't asking me if he could pass my details, because he already did... ''rolls eyes'' A week or so later I get a call from someone messing with my head and pretending to be someone else. It was John Doe, we talked for a while, had a good laugh. The calls became frequent, till we had our first date between august and September. There after we spoke literally every day, and went on dates every weekend. October we began our relationship. Fast forward to June 2013, our very first vacation to sunny Cyprus; Paphos for two weeks, our five start hotel was Gorgeous. A week into our vacation, we went touring some of the great attractions paphos had to offer, on our way back...John Doe picked a fight with me, which was really random to the point were I was too surprised and upset to decipher.

We got back to our hotel room which was super chilled from leaving the air condition on, I just wanted a cold shower and a lie down. He tried to apologise, but I was too tired and upset to care, so I fell asleep (pretended to) till it was time for dinner. I had on a really pretty white dress, Mr John Doe apologised again, this time I think I forgave him. After dinner, we were back to our room; John Doe was behind me, so he playfully blindfolded me and led me to our balcony which had the most incredible view of the sea. Whilst yours truly was still blindfolded, I was positioned and instructed not to move till I was told to remove the blindfold. Like a good girl, I stayed put.

John Doe: Take off your blindfold
Me: Took it off

And there he was on his knees, with the most beautiful engagement ring, floor decorated in beautiful pink and red petals with candles. I believe I looked around for an escape route, but ended up going round in circles..Lol Well.............. I said Yes!! Obviously. We decided not to rush getting married, and I wanted to plan my wedding to the teeth..

                             Lets fast forward even more to my wedding day.

The week of our wedding was rather long and tiring, we had our wedding in Nigeria; In the beautiful royal city of Benin. I was looking forward to having a real wedding party, real fun, dancing, all smiles, not minding my jimmy choo aching my pretty little feet. If you read my post on My first year of being a wife, I mentioned we had a fight a night to our wedding, so I was totally exhausted from the long week of preparations and the lot. Before we travelled to Nigeria for our wedding, I had calculated my Monthly period, so I was excited it wouldn't turn up before my wedding...phheww!!

When I was at uni years back, I noticed a delay in my period for that month...I had exams at the time, so I got super stressed, hence my hormones froze on me...''rolls eyes'' I decided to block everything from my mind, I had a wooosahhhh moment for a whole day. By the next day viola! Miss red said hello. Back to my wedding; So I fell asleep about 2am, I believe, was up at 5am and....you guessed it; Miss red came to say hi... On my Wedding day!!! ''Sobs'' I really did cry..  Lesson learnt.. when yours truly is stressed, Miss R either shows earlier than invited, or delays her arrival. Oh did I mention, my maid of honour also had Miss R visit her the same time as me? Lol... Yep! That happened. We both sat on one hip in church and at my reception...As tired and upset as I was, It gave us a mighty good laugh. Plus, the weather was super super hot...and my dress had seven layers underneath....talk about inferno!,..coupled with Miss R.. bad combination I tell you. We managed to get through the day, but all I could think about was my hotel room and it's huge comfy bed. I got married to my love, best friend and father of our currently 19 month old  snookums. It's been two years plus and counting, and will do it over again...minus Miss R, and less layers of a wedding dress..

Share your proposal/wedding stories and mishaps.. Happy reading my lovelies...


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